Simple Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Skin care

So many people, especially women, are concerned with anti aging. Anti aging skin care products are hugely marketed due to our obsession to keep our skin looking as youthful and healthy as possible. We want to do whatever we can do to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scarring and dull skin. Some anti aging products may actually work and help you to achieve the results you are looking for but prevention is key. Prevention cannot be stressed enough when talking about skin care. While many effects of skin aging are natural, many of them can be reduced or delayed by being proactive, taking preventative measures and taking good care of your skin.

You may not think it’s a big deal to take care of your skin while you are young, but the most damage actually occurs when you are young and in your twenties. Because you can’t see the damage until years or decades later most don’t realize the importance of preventative skin care during these years.

Things that you should already be doing to take care of your health and your skin will actually help to reduce the effects of aging. Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet to keep your skin nourished all play a role in keeping you feeling healthy and looking great.

Eat foods that are high in antioxidants such as tomatoes, pomegranates, blueberries and kidney beans. Antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals and help to prevent and slow down the process of skin damage. Keeping a good supply of vitamin C in your diet will help to promote new cell growth, reduce age spots and wrinkles. Vitamin E will prevent water loss, keep the outer layer of your skin strong and will act as an anti-inflammatory.

Sunscreen is key to preventing premature aging of your skin. The sun can easily damage your skin, especially if you let it burn. Sun damage to your skin will only get more obvious as you age. Reduce the appearance of aging skin by always protecting it from UVA and UVB rays from the sun by wearing sunscreen daily. While sun can be good for your health, too much of it will result in serious damage to your skin by causing age spots or very serious skin diseases.

Properly moisturizing will help to keep your skin from looking aged. As you age the moisture levels in your skin will change. Be familiar with what type of moisturizer is best for your skin, adjusting what you use as your skin changes. Always stay properly moisturized to keep your skin smooth, soft, and prevent it from the effects of drying.

Salicylic acid will also help with anti aging. Salicylic acid can actually improve the barrier of your skin. It is also considered to work as an exfoliant and anti-inflammatory. Salicylic acid can also improve natural collagen production in your skin.

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