Best Weight Loss Plans – What Are They?

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Selecting among the best weight loss plans can be confusing to say the least — there are just too many to choose from. Everyone wants to know what plan is giving the most success — what really are the best weight loss plans?

Maybe instead of trying to single out one particular plan we should examine what the best weight loss plans will never recommend that you do. If you know what to avoid in choosing a weight loss plan — you’ll be more likely to insure your own success and health — then you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Here is a list of diet strategies to avoid when choosing a weight loss plan:

Starvation or Extremely Low Calorie Diets – Weight loss plans that suggest for you to fast or to cut your calories to less than twelve hundred calories a day can be very dangerous. Your body needs to be fueled and when it is not fueled properly for a length of time your muscles will begin to waste…this includes the heart because the heart is a muscle. Additionally, what these diets do not tell you is that if you stay on a diet like this for a long enough time, you will not be able to eat normally again because your body will balloon up once you start taking in nutrition. Unless you want to have a bigger weight loss battle later, stay away from these types of diets.

Quick Weight Loss Type Diets – We live in such a fast paced world it seems that there should be a great way to take the weight off really fast. Well, there is…but it almost never can boast long term achievement. By this I mean, the weight will come back on as soon as the diet is over. Why? Because the reason we gain weight in the first place is because of poor habits. We either formed a habit of eating the wrong foods or the habit of laziness. A quick weight loss plan never encourages us to change these bad habits except for a short time. So after we lose the weight we revert back to our old habits and the weight comes back on fast and furious.

Eating Plans with a Limited Balance of Food Groups – How many of you have been on diets like eat eight hot dogs one day, eight bananas the next, and eight hard boiled eggs, etc? Diets like this will leave you feeling tired and weak because you are not getting a balance of good nutrition. Just like with the “quick weight loss diets” you will be cheated out of all of your hard work and sacrifice because the weight will find you again as soon as you come off of the diet.

Liquid “Only” or Soup Diet Plans – I don’t care what kind of liquid diet you go on…unless you are under a health professionals care, you will not only never develop any new eating habits from an all liquid diet, you will always feel deprived. Losing weight is not about deprivation, this is a lie — it is about change and transformation. A liquid diet just does not provide that mindset.

The Magic Pill Diet – There is always a “pill with a promise” out there on the diet market. As with most of the other diet strategies to avoid, the magic pill diets will not help you to make better choices — they are only intended to temporarily put you on another track; when the pills are all gone, so is your ability to control your own appetite.

(Fill in the Blank)- Day Diet – Which is it…the 2-day diet, the 4-day Diet, the 7-day diet? It doesn’t really matter how many days; these diets are very rarely successful because they just do not focus on the source of the weight problem which is poor food and lifestyle choices. As with other fad type diets, you will most likely come off of this diet and regain all of your weight in a much faster window of time than it took the first time around.

After reading this list of diet strategies to avoid, are you seeing a pattern? Weight loss is not a trick or a magic act, it is about learning how to connect with your own body and listening to what it needs. The best weight loss plans will support you in learning how to treat your body and how to meet its needs both physically and emotionally as a lifetime event.

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