Best Anti Aging Skin Care – What to Look For in Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products

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Are you sick and tired of the empty promises of the thousand different companies advertising their anti aging natural skin care products? Even though they’re supposedly natural, they seem to do nothing for your skin, leaving you looking older than you should look like.

I know how you feel, and that’s why I’ve gathered a few of my best tips to help you find the best anti aging skin care for you.

1. Make sure the ingredients are really natural

Mineral oil (also called petrolatum, liquid paraffin, and paraffin wax), alcohol or preservatives like parabens should have nothing to do with natural skin care. If you find these ingredients on the label of the product, you’ll be better off leaving it in the store. These ingredients are used in skin care products because they are cheap, not because they will actually help your skin look better or younger.

Petroleum-based oils can even cause you rashes and skin irritation if used for prolonged periods of time. A better choice are anti aging skin creams that are based on natural oils, waxes or silicones.

2. Check that the product has enough of the effective ingredients

A lot of companies claim that their products are effective, because they have this and that effective ingredient in their products. But it’s not enough to have just enough of the “good stuff” in the skin cream to allow them to print the name on the packaging.

The best tip is to read the label. Make sure that the effective ingredient is not among the last few in the skin care cream’s label – that’s a sign that even though the ingredient itself might be useful and help you look younger, there just isn’t enough of it in the product to actually do anything for your skin.

Some of the best creams have over 50% of active ingredients in them – enough to really make a difference. When you are looking for a good skin care product, look for these amounts of effective ingredients – you’ll be more likely getting your money’s worth with them.

3. Avoid products with collagen

What? But isn’t collagen vital to your skin’s youthfulness?

Yes, but it doesn’t work the way companies that sell products that have collagen in them will try their best to make you believe.

If you want to benefit from collagen, you’ll need to get a product that has ingredients that stimulate your body to make more collagen on its own, rather than applying the protein directly onto your skin. The collagen molecules in skin creams are too big to penetrate into the skin, making skin creams with it basically a waste of money when it comes to real anti aging effects.

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